Submittals for the 2016-17 Year-End Photo Contest are due at the May 2017 club meeting. Only images shot between May 10th, 2016 through May 8th, 2017 are eligible. There are nine subject categories to choose from with a maximum of two entries per category allowed. Total number of submissions may not exceed twelve images. A guest professional photographer will judge the contest with the results to be presented and discussed at the June 2017 club meeting.

Here are the Year-End Contest Subject Categories with interpretations. The interpretations are not intended to limit your creativity, but to give you a starting point.

  • Awwwwwww (AW) — An image that pulls at the heartstrings of the viewer such as a picture of a child or cute furry animal.
  • Environmental Impact (ENV) — A positive or adverse effect caused by 1) a development, industrial, or infrastructural project, 2) the release of a substance in the environment, or 3) human activity. Examples are litter, air pollution, water pollution, economic growth, trash, overpopulation, tourism, wind farms, farmer's markets, buying local, walking, riding a bicycle, taking the bus, recycling, etc.
  • Ethereal (ETH) — Something extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world; heavenly. Light, airy and insubstantial such as a ghostly figure. Something elegant, dainty or graceful.
  • Hit Me with Your Best Shot (OPEN) — No subject restrictions for this category, so enter your favorite photograph taken between May 10th, 2016 and May 8th, 2017.
  • Minimalism (MIN) — A style or technique that is characterized by extreme sparseness and simplicity. Using a minimum amount of compositional components such as color, shape, line and texture, etc.
  • Planes, Trains & Automobiles (PTA) — An image with a subject matter of planes, trains or automobiles. The possibilities for compositions are endless as it could depict one of the three subject matters, several of one, just part of one, or all three subjects in one image.
  • Play Ball (BALL) — 1) using an object(s) of various sizes and materials, either hollow or solid, to play games such as catch, baseball, football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, golf, etc., 2) to go along with what you are suppose to do, to work together, to cooperate.
  • Round & Round We Go (RND) — 1) anything shaped like a circle, cylinder or sphere, 2) to pass and go around something so as to move on in a changed direction, 3) an object(s) moving round a circular path.
  • Weather (WET) — The state or condition of the atmosphere in terms of temperature (heat or cold), atmospheric pressure, wind, moisture (dryness, rain, snow, sleet,) sunshine, etc.

Micro-Brew Contests are small contests that take place once every few months. There is a single category for the contest, and members can enter only one photo.

Microbrew contests are completed for this club year